Top 5 Saddest Moments: How I Met Your Mother

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How I Met Your Mother might be famous for its comedy but this show was filled with some of the saddest moments too. The whole gang forced us to cover our faces either to hide our tears or our laughs many times.

We have rated HIMYM’s saddest moments below to bring back the memories that you probably wanted to forget.

So get ready and keep some tissues near you just in case.

5. The Second that Would Never End

Barney in a sad mood

There were very few girls other than Robin that reached the girlfriend status with Barney. And Nora definitely topped this list. In Season 7 Episode 10, Robin was dating Kevin while Barney was with Nora. But they both cheat on their partners with each other on the night Barney got slapped by Marshall and Robin was dropping him off at home.

They decide to tell their partners everything and then take things further with each other. Barney tells everything to Nora and breaks up with her. He had developed feelings for Robin. And then Robin entered MacClaren’s…with Kevin.

Watching our favorite playboy Barney aching for a girl, was just way too much.

 4. One Ticket to Robots vs Wrestlers

Ted in a depressing mood

In Season 8 Episode 20, we witness Ted feuding with the future selves of him and the others. Robin and Barney were making arrangements for their marriage while Marshall and Lily were busy with their kids. 

At that moment, Ted looked around and noticed that he was alone with a ticket to Robots vs Wrestlers in his hand. This scene in the Time Traveler episode was definitely depressing. It was one of the first signs that HIMYM was going to end soon.

3. A Lame Suburban Dad

Barney and his father

When Barney was a kid, his mother told him that Bob Baker was his real dad. When he finally found out that his real father was actually his “Uncle” Jerry (played by John Lithgow) he decided to write him a letter.

In Season 6 Episode 19, Jerome (Barney’s real dad) appears at his door. When Barney was a child, he remembered Jerry was a roadie living a crazy life. Barney expected him to still be living a wild lifestyle, just like himself. 

But Jerry had completely changed. He was living a normal life and even started a family. Jerome invited Barney to have dinner with them but he refused. When the gang found it, they held an intervention and changed Barney’s mind. 

So, Barney went to dinner at his father’s house. This is where he met his stepbrother, JJ. Watching his father who neglected him for 30 years, being a perfect dad for his other son was deeply painful for him.

2. Tracy’s Death

Ted sitting beside Tracy in hospital bed

Season 9 Episode 24 of HIMYM was one of the saddest moments for every fan. We all understood that however good it may feel, nothing “Last Forever”. This episode revealed that Tracy had died and marked the end of our favorite show.

Tracy and Ted were a perfect couple, so the sight of Ted sitting beside Tracy’s hospital bed was gut wrenching. Especially after it took Ted so long to find “The One”.

Tracy may have appeared for only a few episodes but she made her place in our hearts forever.

1. My Dad is Dead?

Ted crying while hugging Lily

We all know how much of a deep influence Marshall’s father had on his life. When Lily brought the news of Marshall’s dad dying, he couldn’t contain his tears, and neither could do we.

In Season 6 Episode 13, Marshall stepped outside the bar to call his dad and tell him that he was going to be a grandfather, as he just found out Lily was pregnant. Suddenly, Lily arrived in a taxi and when Marshall ran to hug her he was met by her teary face.

This was when Lily delivered the news to Marshall that his dad had died. We can’t think of a sadder moment in all of the HIMYM series.

Did you know?

Jason Segel was unaware of the actual plot in the “Bad News” episode. So when Lily shared the news, it was genuine, on-the-spot acting.