All the Slap Bet Slaps: How I Met Your Mother

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The Slap Bet gag on How I Met Your Mother is a fan favorite. As you probably already know, a slap bet is when the winner of a bet gets to slap the loser of the bet as hard as they can in the face.

How Many Slaps Are There in How I Met Your Mother?

In total, there are 13 slaps from the slap bets on How I Met Your Mother. There were essentially three groups of slaps: The Slap Bet episode slaps, the 5 slaps Lily gave Marshall that could be given out at any time, and the 3 extra slaps Barney trades Marshall to allow him to remove his ducky tie.

All The Slaps in How I Met Your Mother

The first time slap bet came up in How I Met Your Mother was in Season 2, Episode 9; this was the famous “Slap Bet” episode, or as we like to call it around here, the “Slapisode”! There were 6 slaps in that episode alone.

Slap 1: Robin’s Secret

Robin is hiding the fact she used to be a Canadian pop star from the gang. They know she is keeping a secret when she refuses to go to the mall. Barney thinks she used to do porn and Marshall thinks she got married, in a mall. They make a slap bet over who is right.

Ted gets the nerve to ask Robin if she is married and she says yes. As soon as he tells the gang, Marshall unleashes the first slap. Barney exclaims afterward “your hand is monstrous”, to which Marshall replies “what would you expect? You’ve seen my penis.”

Slaps 2-4: The Liar Slaps

After Marshall checks the records and finds out Robin isn’t married, Ted confronts Robin. She admits she lied but still won’t say why she won’t go to the mall. Marshall spills the beans to Lily, who was anointed Slap Best Commissioner.

Maintaining the integrity of her position, she tells Barney the truth and grants him 3 slaps: 1 for Marshall lying and 2 more for prematurely slapping Barney. Barney gives them to Marshall all in a row at McClaren’s.

Slap 5: Slap O’ Clock

Barney manages to dig up a video of Robin, which is what she was trying to keep secret. He shows the introduction of it to everyone in the apartment and claims to be right about Robin doing porn.

He immediately slaps Marshall but Robin tells them to keep watching. This is when we see the famous “Let’s Go To The Mall” video featuring Robin Sparkles.

Slap 6: Premature Slapulation

As payback for Barney slapping Marshall before they find out he was wrong about Robin’s video, Lily decides Barney can choose one of two options: 10 slaps right now or 5 slaps at any time until the rest of eternity.

Barney chooses the 5 slaps over a lifetime and Marshall gives him his first one right then and there. 4 left!

Slap 7: The Robot Slap

The second payback slap of the slap bet occurs in the “Stuff” episode, Season 2, Episode 16 of How I Met Your Mother.

Lily performs in a play that Barney can’t stand and tells her it was terrible. She tells him friends are supposed to make each other feel good and she would come and support him if he put on a play. Challenge accepted!

To prove a point, Barney decides to make the gang suffer through his ridiculous one-man show where he tells the love story of a robot and a toaster. Marshall just can’t take anymore and ends the performance with his second payback slap.

Slap 8: Slapsgiving

In the “Slapsgiving” episode, the slap bet continues with Marshall torturing Barney about getting slapped at Thanksgiving. He even has a countdown clock to when the slap is going to happen.

Lily calls off the slap because she thinks it is ruining Thanksgiving. Barney taunts Marshall as the seconds count down but Lily changes her mind at the last moment and reverses her decision. That’s three Barney!

You can watch the Slapsgiving drama in Season 3, Episode 9 of How I Met Your Mother.

Slap 9: Slapsgiving 2 – Revenge of The Slap

Slapsgiving is back! In Season 5, Episode 9 of your How I Met Your Mother, Marshall decides to give his fourth payback slap to Robin and Ted because they found his lost turkey. They would have to decide between them who would get to slap Barney.

In the end, Marshall releases Barney from “The Slapping Throne” he is tied to and tricks him into thinking there will be no slap that day. But…he ends up just slapping Barney himself. That’s 4!

Slaps 10 and 11: The Ducky Tie Deal

Barney has to wear a ducky tie for an entire year after losing another poorly thought out bet. However, in Season 7, Episode 9 he makes a deal with Marshall and Lily so he can take it off.

The deal is Marshall gets to add 3 more slaps (he only has 1 left from the last slap bet) and Barney takes it. Marshall gives him 2 of his remaining 4 slaps on the spot at the bar. Ducky tie can come off!

Slap 12: The Slap of a Million Exploding Suns

In the lead up to Barney and Robin’s wedding, Marshall tells us the tale of preparing for his next slap and how he trained and mastered “The Slap of a Million Exploding Suns”.

At the end of the episode, Boyz II Men make a special appearance to sign “You Just Got Slapped”, which they serenaded the Barney with while a montage of clips is played featuring all the slaps over the years.

Slap 13: The Final Slap

The Final Slap was more spontaneous than many of the other ones and occurs in the “End of the Aisle” episode.

While at the alter waiting for Robin, Barney gets cold feet and decides he has to go back to New York to get his cornflower blue tie.

When Barney tries to make a run for it, Marshall slaps him, spinning him back in place. Barney is finally free of the slap bet.

The final slap is in Season 9, Episode 22 of How I Met Your Mother.

Here is a montage of all the slaps in How I Met Your Mother.

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“It was like kissing an ashtray”