Who is Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother? Marshall Manesh in HIMYM

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This article tells the tale of the legendary Ranjit played by Marshall Manesh in How I Met Your Mother. The only guest character who appeared in every season of HIMYM!

In the land of How I Met Your Mother, there had been side-characters upon side-characters. There has been no end to the assortment of recurring roles starting from artillery like Arthur Hobbs to arrogant Hammond Druther to sassy James Stinson, played by stars Bob Odenkirk, Bryan Cranston, and Wayne Brady respectively. Out of all the superstars that appeared in the show, only one person appeared in every season. That’s right, you heard me. Every season. He may not be a star but he is the one and only Ranjit Singh.

Ranjit the Driver in HIMYM: The Pilot


Ranjit is a humble man, who started his life driving a cab around the streets of New York. He appeared in the very first episode, driving the gang to Robin’s house. He even joined the gang for a drink at the bar at the end of the episode. After that moment, we all knew this character was going to be someone special.

Who plays Ranjit in How I Met Your Mother?

Marshall Manesh, image courtesy of Google

Marshall Manesh played the role of Ranjit Singh in How I Met Your Mother. Manesh is an Iranian-American actor with an impressive portfolio of having featured in more than 100 films and television shows. He debuted way back in 1994, in the hit James Cameron blockbuster True Lies, appearing alongside the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tom Arnold.

Ranjit Singh’s Influence

In all of How I Met Your Mother, Ranjit has appeared in a total of 23 episodes. That’s the highest episode count any guest character has ever made! He had appeared in at least one episode every season. Not to mention that nearly all of the episodes in which he appeared, were very special ones for the show and the fans.

List of How I Met Your Mother Episodes with Ranjit

  • Pilot episode, driving Ted to Robin’s and later drinking together with the gang even before Robin did.
  • The Limo (Season 1 Episode 11) – driving the gang in a Limo for New year’s Eve. The first time the gang discovers he climbed the ranks to become a Limo driver.
  • Something Blue (Season 2 Episode 22) – driving Lily and Marshall from their wedding!
  • The Goat (Season 3 Episode 17) – yelling at Barney in Farsi language for sleeping with Robin, while driving.
  • Now We’re Even (Season 7 Episode 21) – Marshall figures out that Lily had been having sexual dreams with Ranjit. Later, Ranjit consoles Marshall which helps him understand why Lily was having such dreams in the first place, fixing their issue.
  • Another marriage episode! Something New (Season 8 Episode 24) – Barney and Robin marry each other. Guess who’s driving them? That’s right! It’s Ranjit!
  • Gary Blauman (Season 9 Episode 21) – Ranjit is seen to own his very own limo business. Talk about character development!


Does Ranjit Singh have a family?

Ranjit has a wife. Her name is Falguni. However, she only appears for a small glimpse in the entire show. It was The Sexless Innkeeper episode. Any other details about her character and who she was played by are still unknown.

Does he have a driver’s license?

Funnily enough, nope! ‘Til the very end of the show, Ranjit Singh had never obtained a driver’s license, even whilst driving a limo. Now that’s what I call legendary.

Did you know? 

Ranjit plays poker with the gang in the episode “The Poker Game” (Season 9 Episode 05).