Nazanin Boniadi: Nora from How I Met Your Mother

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Many fans were in love with Nora, Barney’s girlfriend in How I Met Your Mother, played by Nazanin Boniadi. She appeared in Season 6 and 7 as one of the few girls Barney would actually call a girlfriend.

The only other time she appeared was briefly in a montage found in Season 9 episode, Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra.

The Flugelhorn Times covers Barney’s relationship with Nora from beginning to end. We also take a look at the British-Iranian actress, Nazanin Boniadi, and what else she has been up to aside from her appearances on How I Met Your Mother.

Barney’s Girlfriend Nora

Barney was first introduced to Nora at McLaren’s Pub, when she came with Robin on a single ladies night out. They both work together at World Wide News. Of course, Barney immediately tries to hit on her.

The First Date

When he fails at his first attempt at trying to seduce Nora, Barney later opens up about his love for laster tag. She agrees to go with him to a Tournament on Valentine’s Day and that is when it all began for Nora and Barney.

Barney Likes Nora

In the next episode, Barney denies he has feelings for Nora but Robin isn’t convinced. She lies about Nora going on a date with someone else to trick Barney into confessing his feelings.

She offers to have sex with Barney the next day and tells him that if he really doesn’t have feelings for Nora, he will show up to her apartment and follow through. Finally, Barney shows up but instead, asks Robin for Nora’s phone number.

Credit: Interview Magazine

The Truth

Barney attempts to brush off a cold to go out with Nora again, but he just can’t shake it. They do go back to his place but for Nora to care for him…and nothing else.

When they go out again, Barney lies about wanting to get married and having kids. Nora is convinced and at the end of the night, invites him up to her place. When Barney decides to come clean, she slaps him in the face and storms off.

Nora had invited him to meet his parents, which Barney chickened out of at the end of the episode. This would be the last they see each other, at least for now.

Second Chances

In the finale of Season 6, Barney and Ted finally get to blow up the Arcadian. As Barney and Robin walk away together, they bump into Nora. Barney asks her out for coffee and she agrees.

At the very end of the episode, you can see Ted performing his best man duties for Barney, although it doesn’t show who he is getting married to. If you haven’t watched the series yet, we won’t spoil it for you.

If you remember Barney’s sundress riddles, this picture makes the moment so much better. You can see all of them in our article below.

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No More Lies

Nora is going to go out with Barney again and he wants to gain some sympathy so he decides to wear a neck brace. Nora calls him out on his lie immediately and Barney confesses. He tells her all of the lies he has told girls over the years and she storms off in disgust.

Barney won’t give up though and promises two things: first, to never lie to her again, and second, that he won’t leave the diner until she agrees to go on another date with him.

Barney remains steadfast in his attempt to win Nora back and stays at the diner overnight in the same booth. Finally, Nora comes back.

Robin Gets Jealous

Robin can’t seem to control her feelings for Barney and tries to get in the middle of his new relationship with Nora. She ends up sending her off to France to cover the G8 with World Wide News.

Robin helps Barney pack up all the things he would use from his Playbook to get girls. He decides he wants to ditch the past and get serious with Nora. Robin tries to get some more alone time with Barney, suggesting they go out on the town one last time before Nora comes back.

Credit: The New Potato

Unfortunately for her, Nora walks into McLaren’s early and interrupts their plans.

Nora Hates Ewoks…Because She Is Old

Barney’s relationship with Nora hits a small bump in the road when she admits she hates Ewoks. In this episode, the Ewoks are not actually the real issue. It is Nora’s age.

He uses his detective work to find out why Nora isn’t a fan of the Ewoks. He believes anyone born before 1973 was too old to find them cute. Therefore, Nora must be 37! If you know Barney, women in their 30’s are usually a no-go zone for him.

He confronts her with this “truth” but it turns out she is only 29. “You still have one good year left!” – Barney Stinson.

The Special Night

Barney has been on his best behavior. So much so, he hasn’t even slept with Nora two months into their relationship. They had some setbacks in the evening, like Nora losing a tooth ice skating and worst all, Barney discovering that Nora reminds him of his mom.

In the end, Barney still turned it around and it happened. Turned it around…get it?

Meet The Parents

WARNING *** Spoiler Alert. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

In the episode “Tick Tick Tick”, we see the last of Nora. Barney cheats on Nora with Robin right before he is supposed to meet her parents.

He tells Nora about it and surprisingly, she is willing to forgive him…if he can admit he doesn’t have feelings for Robin.

For fans of the show, you know what happens next. Goodbye, Nora. Many of us thought you changed Barney but Robin is, well, Robin.

Hotel Mumbai Plus Other TV and Movie Appearances

As much as we wanted it to work out with Nora, you haven’t seen the last of Nazanin Boniadi on your TV screen. She has appeared in many star roles in both movies and television, including:

  • Ben-Hur
  • Hotel Mumbai
  • Homeland
  • Scandal
  • Lord of The Rings (2021)
Credit: Hollywood Reporter

In addition to her acting career, Nazanin Boniadi has been a strong activist for human rights in Iran, as well as working with Amnesty International and writing for both CNN and the Huffington Post.

Nora Episodes

Here is a list of all the How I Met Your Mother episodes Nora appears in:

  • Desperation Day: Season 6, Episode 16
  • Garbage Island: Season 6, Episode 17
  • A Change of Heart: Season 6, Episode 18
  • Challenge Accepted: Season 6, Episode 24
  • The Naked Truth: Season 7, Episode 2
  • The Stinson Missile Crisis: Season 7, Episode 4
  • Field Trip: Season 7, Episode 5
  • Noretta: Season 7, Episode 7
  • Tick Tick Tick: Season 7, Episode 10
  • Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra: Season 9, Episode 14

Did you know that Nazanin Boniadi dated Tom Cruise?