How I Met Your Father: Hulu’s Upcoming HIMYM Spinoff

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Hulu has finally announced the HIMYM spinoff named “How I Met Your Father” after years of waiting. Fans were dying to see their favorite series on the screen once again with different faces. 

There have been almost 3 attempts to create the sequel of the cult-classic HIMYM. But things didn’t work out. However this time, Hulu is pretty serious about making a HIMYM spinoff a reality. 

On April 20, Hulu ordered a 10-episode series that is supposed to be Season 1 of How I Met Your Father. They haven’t disclosed all of the details yet. Still, there is some confirmed news available on the web and we have put it together for you.

young cast of himym

Cast of How I Met Your Father

The whole cast of How I Met Your Father hasn’t been finalized yet. But we do know that Hilary Duff will be taking the role of the Mother in this spinoff. You might recognize Hilary from the TV series “Younger” where she played the role of Kelsey Peters. She is also a singer, producer and writer.

The other actors who will be sharing the screen with Hilary haven’t been announced yet. 

Isaac Apatker and Elizabeth Berger have joined once again after creating the hit family drama “This Is Us”. They are the creators and writers of How I Met Your Father, while Thomas Craig and Carter Bays (creators of HIMYM) will be executively producing it along with Hilary Duff. 

Isaac Apatker and Elizabeth Berger on NBC platform

Story of How I Met Your Father

The creators have made it clear that the story of HIMYF won’t be connected with HIMYM in any sense. How I Met Your Father would follow the journey of Sophie (Hilary Duff) who is telling her story to her son of how she met his father.

Sophie and her friends will also be based in New York in 2021 and would have different types of struggles. The story will explore unique concepts like online dating and other modern methods of finding true love. HIMYF will be a 10 episode series that will include the multi and single-camera approach that gave the look and feel of HIMYM.

hilary duff

HIMYF Release Date

Thankfully, Hulu seems to be extremely active and trying to release this series as soon as they can. Fans have been waiting for this spinoff for almost 7 years now.  

Fortunately, you won’t have to wait for a long time now. Hulu hasn’t announced an official release date yet but it is most likely to release before the end of 2021.

The legacy of HIMYM is not an easy one to carry. The success of HIMYM has raised the expectations quite high for Apatker and Berger. However, Craig and Bays have shown full confidence in the new duo. Judging by the cast, How I Met Your Father is going to be as much fun as HIMYM, if not more.

Did You Know

In 2013, a pilot was shot for an attempted spin-off called “How I Met Your Dad”, but unfortunately, CBS didn’t approve the series.