Best of Robin Yelling at Patrice: How I Met Your Mother

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The dynamic between Robin and Patrice will have you break out in side-splitting laughter every time they are in the same scene. Patrice is played by actress Ellen D. Williams who you may also recognize from shows like The Mindy Project, Criminal Minds and Life in Pieces.

Patrice, Robin’s co-worker at World Wide News, is constantly getting yelled by Robin throughout Seasons 7, 8 and 9 of How I Met Your Mother and it will crack you up every time.

Here are the best scenes of Robin yelling at Patrice.

Nobody Asked You Patrice!

In Season 7, Episode 4 of How I Met Your Mother (also known as The Stinson Missile Crisis), you get your first taste of Robin and Patrice in the intro scene.

Robin is completing her court-mandated therapy when she the flashback occurs. She later ended up dating her therapist, played by none other than Kal Penn.

Barney came to Robin’s office serenading his girlfriend Nora. When Patrice comments how dreamy Barney is, Robin lashes out with the now infamous line “Nobody Asked You Patrice!”

You can check out the clip yourself below!

Stop Smothering Me Patrice!

In “The Broath” episode of How I Met Your Mother, Robin is feeling glum and Patrice, her new roommate, decided to bake her some cookies.

No good deed goes unpunished. Robin yells “Dammit Patrice, Stop Smothering Me!” when she is presented with the plate of cookies. Woah, Robin. It’s just cookies.

Nobody Asked For Your Help Patrice!

…you either Brandi!

Robin is playing the damsel in distress, asking Barney to rush to her aid because she needs a big, strong man to move a printer to her office.

When Patrice offers to help with Brandi, Barney exits leaving Robin to unleash the line “Nobody asked for your help Patrice… you either Brandi”.

You can find this hilarious scene of How I Met Your Mother scene in Season 8, Episode 9 which is called “Lobster Crawl”.

Okay, Patrice, I Get It!

Robin mixes up the time for her flight, initially thinking that Patrice has got it wrong. She is going to report on a Butter Festival in Russia and Patrice is tagging along.

Turns out, Patrice was right. That is when Robin freaks out screaming “Okay, Patrice, I Get It!”

This clip is from the “No Pressure” episode of How I Met Your Mother which is Episode 7, Season 17. Have a look at the video montage below!

Nobody Asked You Patrice

The infamous line “Nobody Asked You Patrice” comes out again in the “The End of the Aisle” episode of How I Met Your Mother.

In Season 9, Episode 22, Robin is tying the knot with Barney. Once Robin takes the alter, Patrice leans and tells Robin she has never looked more beautiful. Instead of yelling, Robin quietly reminds her “nobody asked you Patrice”.

Glad to see Robin still managed to keep the decorum of the event. You can see the line being delivered in the montage below.

Jim Parsons was almost cast for the role of Barney.

-He auditioned for the part before neil patrick harris