Best of the Bro Code: How I Met Your Mother

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Barney’s Stinson’s Bro Code is the infamous code of conduct for “bros”. They come up in many episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

Barney often references some of the rules in episodes of HIMYM., particularly with Ted. In the episode “The Goat”, he explains his ancestor, Barnabus Stinson, wrote the rules to settle a dispute between Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

Here are our top 5 picks of the best rules of Barney’s Stinson’s Bro Code from How I Met Your Mother.

Article 89 of Barney’s Bro Code

Barney describes one of the more complicated rules in the Bro Code: “The mom of a bro is always off limits, unless she is a step-mom and she initiates it and/or is wearing one or more articles of leopard print clothing.”

This is ironic because Barney himself may have broken this rule with Ted’s mom. This comes up again in the “Broken Code” episode. Was there a kiss or more?

Article 89 of Barney’s Bro Code appears in “The Goat” episode of How I Met Your Mother. This is from HIMYM Season 3, Epsiode 17.

Article 28 of Barney’s Bro Code

Barney reminds Ted of an important bro code rule: “A Bro never breaks up a girl fight” in “The Intervention” episode of HIMYM.

Lily and Robin were fighting when Ted decided to break it up. Barney was so upset he punched a hole in the apartment wall.

Found in the official Bro Code book, Article 28 actually says “A Bro will, in a timely manner, alert his bro to the existence of a girl fight.

You can find this gem in Season 4, Episode 4 of HIMYM.

Article 62 of Barney’s Bro Code

When Article 62 of Barney’s Bro Code, “A bro that calls “dibs” first, has dibs” first appears in How I Met Your Mother, it is actually said by Christopher Brolumbus.

Barney was telling Ted how the Bro Code made it to the new world in 1776 when Christopher Brolumbus (perhaps an ancestor or Barney?) brought it with him on his voyage. The dibs reference is actually him referring to North America when he discovers it for the sea.

This Bro Code reference is found in “The Broken Code” episode of HIMYM which is Season 9, Episode 4.

Article 34 of Barney’s Bro Code

One of the more disturbing rules of the Bro Code, Barney tells us “Bros cannot make eye contact during a devil’s three-way“. This rule comes about in “The Goat” episode of HIMYM.

What is a devils three-way you may ask? According to Urban Dictionary, “a three-way with two guys”…the rule seems to make sense, I guess?

You can see this rule and a couple of others in Season 3, Episode 17 of How I Met Your Mother.

Article 78 of Barney’s Bro Code

Barney is upset with Ted’s dad when an important Bro Code rule, “A bro will never rack jack his wingman”, is broken.

In “The Brunch” episode of HIMYM, Ted’s dad is acting as Barney’s wingman at McClaren’s. Barney is trying to pick up Wendy the waitress but he has to leave early. When he forgets his phone at the bar, he returns to find Ted’s dad making out with her.

“Rack Jack” means that you steal your wing man’s chick.

You can see it all go down in Season 2, Episode 3 of How I Met Your Mother.