Barney Stinson’s Job: How I Met Your Mother

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The million-dollar question! What is Barney Stinson’s job in How I Met Your Mother?

Directors kept dropping hints all over the series to keep “Barney job” hyped. Whenever he was asked about his job, all we got was a single word – PLEASE!

In Season 9 Episode 15, we finally got to know what Barney Stinson’s job actually was. In this article, we have covered every mystery surrounding Barney’s job.

Truth Serum Level of Drunknness

They say if you wait for good things, they happen. This was the case here. The opportunity presented itself when Barney stepped into the Truth Serum Stage of drunkenness in the Unpause episode of HIMYM. 

According to Ted, this state was the pinnacle of drunkness and can be achieved only through an immense consumption of alcohol.

When Barney got to the stage of Truth Serum drunk, only truth can come out of his mouth. Ted, Marshall, and Robin didn’t take this opportunity for granted and got the most out of it. This is when Ted decided to uncover the mystery of Barney’s job.

Thirst for Vengenance

When Barney got “Truth Serum Drunk” before his marriage, he opened up about his job. And to our surprise, Barney really used to make a living through P.L.E.A.S.E.

According to Barney, it all started when a corporate biggie stole the love of Barney’s life many years ago. On that day, he made up his mind to avenge his loss by completely destroying that man’s life.

He completely reinvented himself from head to toe and reached out to the same man who stole his girl, for a job.

The Interview

Despite being impressed by his MIT background and a perfect score on the ACTs (Advanced Card Tricks), he didn’t have a job opening for Barney.

Just when he was about to let him go, cops were seen dragging a visibly distressed man in the lobby. And at that exact moment miraculously, a vacancy becomes available for Barney.

What kind of work did Barney have to do there? Barney posed the same question to Greg. And all he got was one word in response.


Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything

P.L.E.A.S.E stands for “Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything”. Greg was looking for someone to use as a scapegoat for all the shady stuff that his firm was involved in.

After Greg explains all the obligations that come with this potential new job and gives Barney some time to consider. After exactly 17 seconds, Barney accepts the job.

The Endgame

Just as Ted did, you might be thinking Barney was a fool for taking the job. But he had a plan.

Two months after Barney’s marriage, Feds enter Greg’s office and arrest him. It turns out, Barney was acting as an informer for the FBI.

And that is how Barney got his sweet revenge!